September 9, 2009

I LOVE cornbread, any way, shape or form. As we transition into Autumn, I am craving it more and more. I am still taking a bento for lunch four days a week. I wanted something more than just a carb to fill in for the rice, something savoury but easily packable in the bento form. I had some excess broccoli that I wanted to use up before it slimed out but, as much as I like salads or pickled anything, I just wasn't in the mood. I played it completely by ear as to the liquid content & got VERY lucky. These turned out perfectly. The measurements of the everything other than the eggs & the milk are approximate; I just threw things in by "feel". ^_^

Cornbread "Casserole" Muffins

1 box Jiffy cornbread mix
2 eggs
1/3 C milk
2 TB toasted pine nuts
1-1/2 C parboiled broccoli
2 TB minced sweet onion
6 sliced sundried tomato halves
1/4 C grated cheddar cheese
sweet corn, 1/4 C thawed if frozen or cut off ear if fresh
small hand full of cubed cooked bacon or ham (optional)

Preheat oven 375 F.
Prep all the extra items. I don't sauté the onion but you could. Put all into a medium sized bowl and let cool so as not to scramble your eggs when you add them. In a small bowl, gently beat eggs until homogenous but not frothy. Add milk, stir to combine and then pour over ingredients in other bowl. Dump cornbread mix into bowl and stir (actually "fold" is a better word here) until just combined. Lumpy is good. Line a 6-hole muffin tin with paper cups or grease the cups. Spoon mixture to the top of each one. Depending on how much extras you've added, you may have enough for one or two extra muffins. I had enough just for one and I spooned it into an oven proof baking cup. Bake for 15 minutes until golden brown and fragrant. Remove from oven let cool in the tin until room temperature. Remove from tin & place in a gallon baggie or Rubbermaid-type container in a single layer. The extra one, store in it's container or eat immediately. These are better the second day after the veggies give off some of their liquid to the cornbread. Nuke for about 20 seconds each or split them in half horizontally, melt a little butter in a hot skillet (I use my little cast iron) and brown with the cut side down, covered until toasted. Aloha!!!

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  1. Laurel, I agree with you UTTERLY on cornbread in any size, shape or form. In fact, I spent six years on it, the results being THE CORNBREAD GOSPELS ( ). Usually, if I ask nicely, my publisher will send a review copy to particular food bloggers. May I ask on your behalf? (BTW, there is a cornbread flatbread w/ very similar flavors to the one you posted, but from scratch, in TCG).Just email your snail address to . I agree so much with this beautiful, accurate statement of yours: that the kitchen "is where my heart and creative passions are but it is also where I reach out and, being a child of the world, know no boundaries...." Warmly, CD